Not since the heyday of Punk has a band been so in your face with aggression, attitude and power, fuelled by class and raw honesty. Musically, Steranko defy categorisation, but the integrity that runs all the way through their songs is that of classic rock greatness.

Fronted by six-and-a-half foot one-man tornado Lee Mangan, their live shows, once seen never forgotten melt the polar ice caps with earth rumbling bass lines from Lee Elvey and scorching, cut-throat guitar.

Hailing from South London, the band have spent the last couple of years touring America, the Far East, Europe and here in the UK with their debut album “Culturephrenia” and are now ready to unleash their next album “Keepers of The Fallo” on the world.

From the frantic blistering opening track “Nylon” it is clear that the new takes no prisoners – from the outset it is clear that the band have created a milestone of 21st century urban angst. A “Clockwork Orange” for the ears and for NOW.

Text courtesy of Bandmix