PUNiK is an international punk rock band from Japan.

Formed in 2008, PUNiK are one of the hardier acts on Tokyo’s live house circuit, logging a punishing 100 gigs a year at storied Chuo Line rock venues like Earthdom and Mission’s. They’ve been approached by major labels but prefer to reject commercial pressures and, Tagu says, “retain punk’s original impulse.” Their performances are a jangled-nerve storm of tracks with titles like “Punk Bomb.”

Text courtesy of Metropolis Magazine


Tagu: Guitar
Makoto: Vocals/Guitar
Nigel: Bass
Makoto: Drums

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** STOP PRESS!! As part of their European tour PUNiK are coming to the UK in July 2018 to play the Punkpalooza Festival. **

More details to follow…